Hello again!

Thank you for taking the time talking to me yesterday, and also for the opportunity that you have offered.

I am very excited and would love to be a part of your studio!


Here is some work that I collaborated with people across different majors

and some that show different approaches.

7 Sins

This is the collaboration with film, motion media, and illustration majors.

My team and I worked on the last scene, Anger.

I came up with the style frame, but due to our limited skills and time

it didn't quite meet what we had in mind.

The film was very experimental for all of us, and we had a lot of fun exploring.

Anger SF1.jpg
Anger SF2.jpg

Graphic design

For me, graphic design work is a different animal,

grid and font were hard to understand at first,

but I learned a lot while I was interning with the Matter.

With comments and suggestions from senior designer,

I created some decent graphic design covers for the articles



I also have worked with the wide a range of style and take a different approach to my illustration.

I am positive that I am able, and willing to work with different styles.

I hope this will help you get to know about my work better.

Looking to hear back from you

Thank you again

and Have a great day!